Identity Free Space and Bodymindfulness

The view and methods of Identity Free Space are based on the Dzogchen teachings ,

the body/mind/energy teachings of Bob Moore ,

the Rolfing teachings by Ida Rolf and our understanding

and the latest findings of western psychological and neurobiological science.


Bodymindfulness offers a state of the art approach for understanding your body, mind and energy in a holistic, non-dual way.


Mindfulness distilled to 7 words:

Everything changes.

Everything is connected.

Pay attention.


“Mindfulness entails being present in the moment, which is the ground out of which tranquillity arises.

One comes face-to-face with the mind and learns about it at a deep level.

This leads to inner understanding and penetrating insight into the illusion we have created about ourselves and the nature of life.”   

 Bodymindfulness practices have proven to be an exquisite recipe for watching our mind states, emotions and patterns as well as for appreciating our ability to ease and relax in our natural states of awareness and mindfulness.

  • Mindfulness  interventions and tools are based on a holistic and non-dual vision.
  • Meditation, Energy Awareness, Chakra-Psychology.
  • Focus on basic resources: intuition, emotional resonance, stillness
  • Excellent bodywork: Rolfing.
  • Reinforcing our individual resources in daily life: practicing mindfulness and awarenes


Any spiritual path should provide us with an understanding that gradually leads us beyond habitual, reactive mind so that we can engage life with intelligence and openness.

Elizabeth Mattis-Namgyel



Mindfulness is a form of mental activity that trains the mind to become aware of awareness itself and to pay attention to one’s own intention. As researchers have defined it, mindfulness requires paying attention to the present moment from a stance that is nonjudgmental and nonreactive.

Daniel Siegel