Bert Schmitz

Bert Schmitz, Clinical Psychologist and registered Psychotherapist, a Rolfer and MBSR/MBCT instructor.

For over thirty years, he has been practicing meditation and integrating mindfulness in his methods. He teaches meditation and energy awareness practices.

Bert’s psychological approach is subtle and relates to the understanding  of the finer networks of body and mind, which offers the means for finding the code for psychological transformation.

In groups his strength is in creating a foundation and atmosphere for intuitive study, through concept, presentations, intuitive choices, conversations in silence.

For over twenty years he studied with Bob Moore, an Irish healer and spiritual teacher, to further his understanding of the synthesis of energy psychology, mindfulness, chakra healing and meditation all within a life/death span perspective.

Bert studies in retreats with the Tibetan Dzogchen Master Sogyal Rinpoche, the author of “The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying” in Lerab Ling in France.
He studied with and was inspired by Jack Kornfield, Stan Grof, Joan Hallifax, Charlotte Selver, Trungpa Rinpoche, Krishnamurti, Dick Price, Ida Rolf, Frank Ostaseski, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Joseph Campbell.

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You may make an appointment with Bert Schmitz.

  • You want to have a meeting with a counsellor or therapist to start exploring your current situation.
  • Counselling/coaching for  5/15 sessions- to look at your situation and find solutions.
  • Psychotherapy – you are looking for a safe space to explore over a longer period 6 months – 2 years
  • Personal meditation sessions and guidance for your personal meditation practice
  • Energy healing sessions
  • Supervision for those who work with people in various modalities
  • Rolfing® a complete serie of 10 sessions

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General Costs of the sessions


Distant Healing Skype or Phone:               Privat         € 90 per session à 60 Min.

Session in private studio:                             Privat         € 100  per session à 75 Min.

Bussines     € 130 pro Sitzung à  75 Min.

Schweiz:                                                         Privat: 170 Fr per session à 75 Min.

It is obvious that depending on your situation and the amount of sessions we have different solutions

We also offer sessions by phone or skype.
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