8 Week MBSR-Training-Roermond September 13 – November 1 2019

Mindfulness 8 Week Training Roermond – Leudal 13.09 – 01.11 2019

Mindfulness–training-Roermond for expats and those who are fluent in english.

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, or MBSR, is a well-described group-based mind-body intervention programme that has received considerable research attention (Jon Kabat- Zinn 1990, Mark Williams, Zegal MBCT). ‘Mindfulness’ may be defined as the ability to non-judgementally observe sensations, thoughts, emotions, and the environment while, at the same time, encouraging openness,curiosity and acceptance.

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Next course starts  in Roermond-Netherlands

Mindfulness 8 Weekse Training Roermond – Leudal

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Mindfulness is a life skill which can deepen our sense of well being and fulfillment. It involves paying attention to what is occurring in our present moment experience, with an attitude of openess and non-judgemental acceptance. It engages all of our senses as we open to our entire experience, becoming aware of our body, emotions, thoughts and the external environment.

The program consists of 8 weeks of direct instruction. Highly participatory, supportive, and structured, this program will provide you with:
• Guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices;
• Gentle stretching and mindful yoga;
• Group dialogue and mindful communication exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life
• Individually tailored instruction.

The program is challenging and life-affirming. It is about”coming back to our senses” being in touch with ourselves, with others and our surroundings in the present moment. It is a natural and intuitive state of presence in which we can feel more connected, real and alive.

Weekly exercises focussing our attention on breathing; physical exercises focussing on an awareness of bodily sensations; and practising being fully aware during everyday activities by using breathing as an anchor for attention.
Essential to all parts of the programme is the development of an accepting and non-reactive attitude to what one experiences.

*The course consist of 

  • 8 weekly meetings of 2 1/2 hour
  • If you decide that you would like to participate
  • Course fee is 425 € including  four CD’s and handouts
  • we will invite you for a interview after which you will be enrolled in the course.
  • call.+31  (0)683794477/(0)475472198                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

“Mindfulness refers to keeping one’s consciousness alive to the present reality.

It is the miracle by which we master and restore ourselves.

“Thic Nhat Than. “The Miracle of Mindfulness”

 “Coming to our senses with Jon Kbat – Zinn” 9 minutes