Bob Moore

Bob Moore has been an outstanding teacher of personal development work. He had a profound insight in and knowledge about the relationship of the human aura and the body/mind/energy modalities.

Bodymindfulness has been developed on the ground of this teaching.

Bob Moore studied the etheric-energy body as a means to explore into the nature of consciousness.

Bob’s integrative, holistic methods and insights are based on his understanding of the cyclical spiral nature of the etheric body. They are based on the understanding that life is interdependent and an interwoven process that is mutually co-arising.
In his empirical contemplative studies of the aura and its energy structures he used his ability to see the aura and developed his understanding of its inherent structures.

This deep study needs a mind that transforms duality and moves beyond space/time, far from the dictate of any form of dogmatism.

A “spiral mind” embraces change, paradox and illogic and is comfortable with stillness, mindfulness and awareness. Such a mind was Bob Moore. He was truly a pioneer and a living example of his teachings.
The ethos of his teachings value the individual integrity of the person and holds a deep trust in the healing of conflict and suffering through the practice of open-hearted awareness.
All experiential understanding of emptiness, emptiness that unifies, shows us that we are not discrete, distinct and separate, but deeply interconnected. People from all walks of life and different life styles, orientations and professions studied with him and found a common denominator in their quest. Bob died in 2008, but his teachings are being passed on by some of his students and through the mind and hearts of many who were touched by him.