Cultivating A Focused Workplace

“Cultivating A Focused Workplace“

The power of mindfulness – a Mind Fitness Training

Bodymindfulness offers programs specifically designed to explore the intersection of mindfulness training and the qualities associated with working with excellenceIt requires full and complete nonjudgmental attention in the present moment

  • Mindfulness is the practice of bringing more awareness to everyday life, through meditation or taking a deep breath before you are acting ,just being more aware of were we are in the moment. Freeing the mental space for creativity and clear thinking
  • It’s not just the number of hours we sit at a desk in that determines the value we generate. It’s the energy we bring to the hours we work. Human beings are designed to pulse rhythmically between spending and renewing energy. That’s how we operate at our best. Maintaining a steady reservoir of energy — physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually, requires refueling it intermittently.
  • Mindfulness is an innate quality of our lives.

Mindfulness as a key to countering stress, long hours and constant activity in our digital world. Lowering stress hormones and increase the bodies immune response, better memories and increased focus and freeing more space for crativityWith dedication and practice, employees transform their abilities and their environments into places of increased innovation, greater focus, improved productivity and widespread compassion

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Daniel Coleman

emotional intelligence

His 1995 book Emotional Intelligence argued that human competencies like self-awareness, self-regulation, and empathy add value to cognitive abilities in many domains of life, from workplace effectiveness and leadership to health and relationships; children are better prepared for life when they are taught these emotional and social skills.

Richard J. Davidson, PhD, is a renowned neuroscientist and one of the world’s leading experts on the impact of contemplative practices, such as meditation, on the brain. He is the founder of the Center for Investigating Healthy Minds at the Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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