Bodymindfulness 4 daagse Workshop 18-21 oktober 2018 Roermond

Bodymindfulness Internationale studiegroep  inclusief de advanced teachings van Bob Moore

De focus ligt op de integratie van Lichaam-Geest-Energie en de Identity Free Space teachings in Bodymindfulness.

Mindfulness en awareness openen het bewustzijn in een non duale ruimte door middel van meditatie en specifieke energie en chakra meditaties.

vier daagse workshop    oktober 18 – 21 2018

in Nederland- Roermond

Landgoed Kasteel Daelenbroeck

Kasteellaan 2 – 6075 EZ Herkenbosch

T: +31(0) 475 532465



With thoughtful dialogue, practical tools, and conversations in stillness, thisretreat offers therapists, healers, educators, parents, meditation practitioners—and anyone else interested in developing a healthy mind—an intriguing exploration of what it means for us and our world to be able to shift our awareness.
A profound insight in energy psychology, dream yoga and powerful and refined energy practices combined with the practices of  this identity free space training.
Based on the  foundations of mindfulness and the “awareness-of-awareness” training, you will……


  • Receive direct, first-person experience of mindful awareness.
  • Gain an understanding of the science behind Mindful Awareness and Energy Psychology.
  • Integrate the science of mindful awareness with that of mind, feeling and relationships.
  • Deepen your understanding of non-dual presence.
  • Continue to gain skills in resting in unconditioned awareness and sharing this with others.
  • Learn how to dissolve subtle intellectual constructions about the non-dual state.
  • Learn how to create an accepting, non-judgmental space around strong emotions.
  • Refine your skills in using speech and silence to bring this experience to others.
  • Understand ways in which mindful living can be directly applied to everyday life.

prive:  450 € inclusief btw

werkgever betaald:  750 € + 21% btw


Boshotel Vlodrop

Hotel  : € 332,50 per persoon in twee persoons kamer *

Arrangement : 3 x overnachting met ontbijt: 4 x Lunchbuffet: 3 x 3 gangen diner

*Toeslag eenpersoonskamer : € 30,00 per kamer per nacht
Toeristenbelasting : € 2,00 per persoon per nacht