You may make an appointment with Bernadette van Boxel or Bert Schmitz. Each has their own specific way of working and we will refer you to each other to fit your needs and wishes.

  • You want to have a meeting with a counsellor or therapist to start exploring your current situation.
  • Counselling/coaching for  5/15 sessions- to look at your situation and find solutions.
  • Psychotherapy – you are looking for a safe space to explore over a longer period 6 months – 2 years
  • Personal meditation sessions and guidance for your personal meditation practice
  • Energy healing sessions
  • Supervision for those who work with people in various modalities
  • Rolfing® a complete serie of 10 sessions

Cost of Sessions


Private € 90 per session 60min

Business  130 € per session 60 min

Couple therapy  135€ per session 90 min



We also offer sessions by  zoom
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